RAHC April 2020 Update

Hardwood Promotion Makes Progress in April

The Real American Hardwood Coalition (RAHC) continues its progress in April to establish a
united marketing strategy for the American hardwood industry.

The RAHC has generated more than $238,000 from 25 industry associations and is funding research and
brand development. In April, the team completed online research with home renovators, millennials
who have purchased and completed upgrades and received valuable input from architects and

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, the researchers launched online bulletin boards to reach a broader
audience of home consumers. The basis of the online boards had a similar structure to the in-person
focus groups that were held in Chicago and Nashville earlier this year.

The group also surveyed marketing professionals from various segments of secondary manufacturing to
develop a brand statement that can be adapted and incorporated by associations and businesses alike.
The common message would run throughout multiple promotion platforms and campaigns. There will
also be a go-to-market playbook which will consist of many ways companies and associations can

Each of these areas will have a financial obligation and RAHC can begin to consider where to start and
how funding needs will be addressed.

RAHC members are attending industry/association meetings throughout the year. Please look for these
opportunities to connect with those association executives that are actively engaged.

If you are interested in someone from the RAHC participating in one of your meetings, please reach
out! For more information or feedback, email hardwoodpromotion@gmail.com.

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