RAHC October 2021 Update

The Real American Hardwood Coalition had a busy summer and we are heading towards an exciting fall.  The big news is that we have begun work on the consumer-facing website, now that we have developed the site where hardwood industry companies can get information about the RAH campaign and download our logo and other materials. The consumer-focused website will drive homeowners, architects, designers, and builders to our products.  The RAHC Board of Directors recently reviewed proposals from seven high-level web development firms and is in the process of making a final selection. The consumer site is only in the very beginning of development at this point, but it is certain to highlight the natural beauty, durability and home healthy aspects of American hardwood, and will aim to reach consumers at the planning step of their projects.  We are excited to see how it all unfolds!

Of course, creating effective and impactful websites requires significant funding.  We are grateful to our funding associations who have been so essential to getting this project off the ground.  Those dollars have gotten us far (extensive consumer research, a marketing plan and an industry website) and will continue to support the development of our consumer site and its content.  We are also very pleased to report that industry members are also stepping up and joining the effort.  Particularly exciting are state level industry funding raising challenges that have increased awareness, excitement and financial support among hardwood companies.  Superior Hardwoods in Ohio was the first to step forward, committing to match every dollar contributed to the RAHC by Ohio hardwood companies up to $50,000.  This goal was reached…and exceeded….in only a few short months.  This effort has also inspired several other states to do the same. Five companies have banded together in Kentucky to launch their initiative and more will be announced in the near future.  The RAHC Board is overwhelmed by the confidence these industry and association leaders have shown in our Coalition and the goal of a domestic hardwood promotion campaign.  While this is all very positive, we are very much aware that the RAHC will require sustained funding to continue our work beyond these initial development stages.  Increasing industry participation and identifying other funding sources is an ongoing priority. 

The RAHC Board of Directors will continue to work hard to meet and exceed the expectations hardwood associations and companies have in our efforts.  Thank YOU for your continued support. 

The Real American Hardwood Coalition has had a presence at over 15 industry events in 2021.  Interested in having the RAHC present at one of your meetings?  Let us know by emailing info@realamericanhardwood.org.  We are happy to participate!

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