RAHC October 2020 Update

In late August, the Real American Hardwood Promotion Coalition (RAHPC) conducted several webinars to update funding partners, industry affiliates and industry stakeholders regarding work-to-date, and specifically the findings of the completed “research phase,” or Step One in the process of developing an over-arching brand identity for American Hardwood.

If you were unable to participate, the webcast is available here. Please tune in. And as a memory refresher, the Step One research phase was to identify and develop effective marketing messaging, branding strategies and a Go-To-Market Playbook to increase hardwood markets, domestically.

What’s Next?

A second presentation, with specifics on the brand messaging and how it can be used by everyone in the hardwood supply chain to ultimately increase market share and profitability, will be coming soon. Stay tuned! And remember, to become an active part of the Coalition, support the initiative financially, or should you have questions, please reach out via email to hardwoodpromotion@gmail.com.

The Wood Component Manufacturers Association is a supporting member of the Real American Hardwood Promotion Coalition, a voluntary, industry-wide, domestic promotion initiative developed by industry associations and directed by those executive directors.

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