RAHC April 2021 Update

Interest and excitement about the RAH campaign continues to grow, as information spreads throughout the industry. Hardwood associations have begun meeting in person after a year of Zoom calls and virtual meetings, and members of the RAHC Board have been featured on numerous program agendas, providing progress updates, and answering questions. Common inquiries include:

  • Where can I get more information? Check out the RAH website for the industry at www.RealAmericanHardwood.org.  This is the “go to” place for details about the RAHC, our purpose and our efforts.
  • When can my company start using the logo? Soon. Very soon. The logo and tagline (Naturally Authentic) are in the process of being trademarked and www.RealAmericanHardwood.org will house the portal for industry access to the RAH logo and guidelines for its use. Technical processes are being finalized, but we should be ready to open access by the first of June.
  • Who can use the logo? The logo may be used by any company that is a member of one of the RAHC member associations. Individual companies that provide financial support outside of association membership are also eligible to participate in the RAH campaign. Products or packaging displaying the logo must also meet the definition of Real American Hardwood as developed by the RAHC:

Real American Hardwood is defined as solid hardwood and veneered hardwood products from resources that are grown in the United States. Real American Hardwood maintains the integrity of the natural wood and is not a replication or non-wood product; its natural appearance (grain) has not been altered prior to finishing.

Products displaying or associated with the logo must be 90% by volume sourced hardwood material. This is the same standard as the federal “Made in America” program.

  • How can my company provide financial support to the RAH? Company contributions are welcome! Companies will be able to donate to the RAHC on our website…either electronically or by check in the upcoming weeks.

Priorities for the coming year include building significant industry participation in brand and logo usage, creating and launching a consumer-focused website highlighting the multiple benefits of hardwood products, and expanding industry association membership in the Coalition. There is still much to be done and we are open to all those interested in helping with our efforts!

Members of the RAHC are scheduled to appear at upcoming industry meetings over the next six months. We hope to see you there!

Please contact us at info@RealAmericanHardwood.org if you have questions or would like the RAHC to present to your organization or company.

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