How To Get Involved

We need everyone to be a part of the effort! We need industry partners to:

Support Funding Efforts

The RAHC is seeking the financial support for the national campaign from regional and national industry trade groups and associations, hardwood and veneered hardwood producers, distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers. Support for the Real American Hardwood promotion campaign is voluntary, and we encourage all members of the industry to participate at any level they are able. Suggested annual contributions range from $600–$6,000, please see the tables below for contribution recommendations. Click on your category to see details!

Your small contribution can be the start of something big!

Business TypeSuggested Voluntary
Annual Contributions
Contributions Range From:
Hardwood Industry Association$1,000–$50,000Based on annual budget
Primary Producer, Distribution Yard$600–$6,000Based on annual production
Secondary Manufacturer$1,000–3,000Based on annual sales
Veneered Hardwood Manufacturer$3,000–$5,000Based on annual sales
Logging, Forestry, and Forest Landowner (FLO)$250–$3,000Based on class/acres
Trade Media/Industry Supplier$500–$5,000Voluntary

Use the Real American Hardwood Logo

  • Include the RAH logo on advertising, packaging, point of sale materials and even invoices and business cards to support your brand.
  • Build connection to the campaign online—link your company website and social media platforms to and follow the campaign’s social channels
  • Use Real American Hardwood content to strengthen your company’s website and social media