About Our Work

What Consumers Want

From extensive consumer research, we have learned much about what consumers—including homeowners, renovators, builders, designers, and architects—want when they select building products. Appearance, durability, and value are the most important factors to potential hardwood consumers. Sustainability and natural are additional important factors that tip the decision toward hardwood at the final stage of the process. Unfortunately, consumers don’t always know the benefits of choosing hardwood. The great news is hardwood ticks all these boxes and consumers are open to learning.

Our research also showed that there are three keys to winning consumers over to hardwood. Our promotion campaign must connect with consumers early in their decision-making process when they are thinking and dreaming about the possibilities. Our products look and feel must connect with their emotions and carry through to the final moment when they make their selection. Hardwood must be everywhere—in stores, online, in print, on social media, on television—to keep our products front and center from the idea stage to final payment.

Our Campaign

Thanks to continued support from industry associations, as well as companies and individuals, the RAHC is engaged in a multi-million dollar promotion campaign that’s designed to inspire and educate consumers on the benefits of Real American Hardwood products. The comprehensive campaign touts the advantages of hardwood through an interactive and informative experience at RealAmericanHardwood.com, a robust social media strategy, and exciting digital content integrations and partnerships. And with increased support, the RAHC is planning a comprehensive public relations campaign that will ensure the Real American Hardwood brand becomes iconic in 2023 and beyond.

  • RealAmericaHardwood.com: Servings as the industry’s new promotional tool, RealAmericanHardwood.com takes visitors on a digital journey to discover how and why they should choose Real American Hardwood products. The website features interactive modules that engage visitors and compare hardwood to wood-look products And the site provides project inspiration, care and maintenance tips, environmental facts, and explores how hardwood is influencing our lifestyles and culture.
  • Content Integrations & Partnerships: Partnering with established and up-and-coming home improvement programming and personalities will position hardwood as a preferred choice for consumers. Digital ads and social content will amplify communications objectives and create an ongoing dialog with our target audiences.
  • Media Relations, Events, Talent & Influencers: Working with key media outlets will create awareness of hardwood products in print and online media. Exhibiting at design and cultural events, as well as partnering with content creators, will demonstrate the potential of hardwood for common and not-so-common uses.
  • Paid Search, Social Media, & More: Utilizing paid search and social media will supplement the RAHC’s strategic marketing initiatives, while driving website traffic and social media engagement.

With greater funding, we can expand the program’s impact. We intend to build on success from the first year, growing interest, excitement, engagement and yes, funding. With additional funding in the $750,000–$1.2 M range we can expand social and search, add content to RealAmericanHardwood.com, create in-store displays, and develop partnerships with social media influencers.