About Our Work

What Consumers Want

From extensive consumer research, we have learned much about what consumers—including homeowners, renovators, builders, designers, and architects—want when they select building products. Appearance, durability, and value are the most important factors to potential hardwood consumers. Sustainability and natural are additional important factors that tip the decision toward hardwood at the final stage of the process. Unfortunately, consumers don’t always know the benefits of choosing hardwood. The great news is hardwood ticks all these boxes and consumers are open to learning.

Our research also showed that there are three keys to winning consumers over to hardwood. Our promotion campaign must connect with consumers early in their decision-making process when they are thinking and dreaming about the possibilities. Our products look and feel must connect with their emotions and carry through to the final moment when they make their selection. Hardwood must be everywhere—in stores, online, in print, on social media, on television—to keep our products front and center from the idea stage to final payment.

How We Make the Sale

With industry association and company support, the RAHC will execute a comprehensive marketing campaign to drive consumers to choose Real American Hardwood™ products. The initial $500,000 campaign includes:

  • Paid Social Media: When consumers start gathering ideas and inspiration, we’ll show them how Real American Hardwood products can meet their needs regardless of their style and budget, using Instagram, Facebook, and other social media outreach. In time, we’ll be able to send them directly from social channels to industry member sites or retailers to buy.
  • Paid Search: When consumers search the internet for remodeling ideas, furniture, and building materials, we’ll make sure Real American Hardwood information sites and products appear at the top of the search list, and consumers can quickly reach our industry member websites.
  • Media Relations: Consumers use both online and print media to gather ideas, inspiration, and information for their projects. We’ll place stories that help them see how Real American Hardwood products meet their décor, lifestyle and budget.
  • RealAmericanHardwood.com: We’ll create a digital hub that acts as a destination for paid search and social campaigns to provide consumers more ways to learn about Real American Hardwood products, including selection and care.
  • In-Store Promotion: Long before they purchase, consumers use big box retailers for information gathering. We’ll make available signage for in-store use to help consumers find Real American Hardwood products and compare their benefits versus alternative materials.

Obviously, with greater funding, we can expand the program’s impact. We intend to build on success in the first year, growing interest, excitement, engagement and yes, funding. With additional funding in the $750,000–$1.2 M range we can expand social and search, add content to RealAmericanHardwood.com, create in-store displays, and develop partnerships with social media influencers.